How does testosterone replacement therapy work?

Testosterone replacement therapy is the name that is wrongly given to this therapy because this hormone’s level naturally decreases in the body just the way everything else goes to a decline in a body with aging. So something that is missing naturally cannot be replaced. But a few things could be made better by hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced in men responsible for the health of the reproductive function of men, the sex drive in them, maintaining the muscle mass and bone density, and the production of healthy red blood cells. So we see that this hormone is pretty essential for the body, but as you age, this hormone falls and can cause a decline in the functions mentioned above.

Can anyone go for this therapy?

This is an important question, but alas, there are not many supportive answers to this question. The surveys tell testosterone replacement therapy Miami is suitable for those men who have pretty low levels of this hormone. But the men who are healthy and have a balanced amount of this hormone might not be affected in a good way with this treatment.

What are the different types of therapies for men for testosterone replacement?

The men who are interested in getting this therapy are given the treatment in three ways:

  1. Injections that are given to them after every two or three weeks
  2. Patches that are applied to the required parts of the body
  3. The topical gel that is applied to the abdomen and upper body

What are the risks of the side effects linked to testosterone replacement therapy in men?

The minor risks or side effects include Acne, increase in urination, and fluid retention.

Other than these, there are several other issues that one can face. As the therapy increases the production of the red blood cells in the body, one might not feel well in that case too. For example, the RBCs’ increased levels can lead to high blood pressure, chest pain, blurred vision, muscle pain, etc.

With the unnaturally increased testosterone levels in the body, the unnatural responses are meant to occur, which can lead to breast enlargement, infertility, dysfunction, increased cholesterol, and an increased level of red blood cells in the body.

So the best thing to do is to consult a doctor before you go for the therapy and discuss all the pros and cons.

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