What to Expect from Breast Reduction Surgery and How it’s Done

Breast reduction surgery involves reshaping the breast to reduce its size through a surgical process.  It’s also referred to as reduction mammoplasty. The surgeon removes the glandular tissue, the skin, and the excess fat to attain a reasonable breast size. Most people go for breast reduction surgery for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Also, others with extremely large breasts, especially men, undergo surgery to avoid discomfort, health complications, and back problems.

Just like other surgeries, breast reduction surgery Sydney has benefits and potential risks, and complications. Therefore, it’s crucial that you talk to your doctor first before deciding to undergo this surgical procedure. Let’s look at categories of breast reduction procedures;

Explaining Breast Reduction Surgery

Free nipple graft is a surgical process of changing the position of your nipple and positioning it on a different site on your breast. The surgeon will remove the breast tissue while the nipple is off and graft the nipple into the rightful place.

  •         Pedicle method; with this method, a circular incision is made around the dark area in your nipple (areola) in order to eliminate the breast tissue.
  •         Stevens laser bra utilizes a laser plus the extra to form a permanent internal breast support structure.
  •         Anchor incision; refers to an extension of the pedicle technique. With this one, an incision runs down vertically from the dark part surrounding the nipple to the bottom part of the breast, then into a half-circle around the breast. This incision is anchor-like.
  •         LeJour Incision; this also stems from the pedicle method. It has an incision running vertically down from your areola to the lowest part of the breast and stops at the chest wall.
  •         Liposuction entails injecting and suctioning the fatty tissue. This breast reduction surgery leaves minimal or no scarring.

Other Surgical Procedures

Along with Medical Breast Reduction Surgery, your surgeon can perform a breast lift alternatively known as mastopexy. This surgical procedure is meant to boost loose or sagging breasts.

What’s the Impact of Breast Reduction?

Medical breast reduction surgery can be recommended to individuals with huge breasts, and they want them reduced. Also, it is a solution, especially if your big breasts trigger discomfort and other medical complications.

However, you must note that not everyone can undergo breast reduction surgery. You need to be physically fit, not smoking, and have fully developed breasts. Also, you need to be aware that such a surgical procedure is not aimed at enhancing perfecting but helps improve the current condition. Remember to ask your physician to explain all treatment options. A second opinion is vital before undergoing surgery.

Here are instances when your doctor may advise you to undergo through breast reduction surgical process;

  •         When one breast is too big or smaller than the other, one
  •         When one or both breasts fail to develop normally
  •         You feel ashamed about the big size of your breasts
  •         Large breast triggering sleep difficulties
  •         Experiencing skin rashes, infection, and sores under your breast’s crease
  •         In case your breast has stretched areolas, stretched skin, and nipples hanging below the breast crease.
  •         You are suffering from gynecomastia (developing large breasts in males)

Finally, medical breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce breast size. The procedure has several benefits as well as potential risks. Before you undergo surgery, you need a go-ahead from your doctor since it’s not suitable for everyone.

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