How Can I Pick the Gender of My Baby? Safe and Natural Ways to Have the Baby of Your Dreams

Gender selection is a hot topic among parents these days. With science making progress leaps and bounds beyond what most people expected, the desire to use science to get the results that we are looking for is incredibly tempting. This hold incredibly true for parents. They want the best baby possible and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to make that happen. The only issue here is at what cost to the baby? Even though gender selection through science sounds easy and simple, it is so underdeveloped that it is unknown as to what exactly the side effects consist of. This means that although you think you might be getting the results you are after, what kind of damage are you doing to the baby as it develops inside of you?

Although you may want the gender of your dreams, perhaps science isn’t the best route to take. If that is the case, then what are your options? How can you pick the gender of your baby in a safe and natural way? Thankfully, there are plenty of natural methods for gender selection so you can take comfort in knowing that you are closer to having the baby of your dreams without any harmful side effects to the baby or to you. You can take comfort in also knowing that the majority of these treatments are also beneficial to your baby, so not only do you get the gender of your dreams, but you will also have an incredibly healthy and bright baby to boot. If you want to choose your baby’s gender and have the baby of your dreams, then you must follow these tips. If you are already pregnant, then the foods that you put into your body are crucial to your baby’s development. Just like with foods and drinks that you should avoid, the beneficial foods and drinks that you put into your body have great impacts on how your child develops, including gender. Alkaline and acidic foods are the easiest diets to follow to get the gender of your dreams. For example, eating a diet rich in alkaline promotes the development of a male while acidic environments hold true for females.

To have a baby boy, eat more: Carrots Broccoli Greens Garlic To have a baby girl, eat more: Blueberries Lentils Bread Corn These are just a few diet suggestions to help you get on the right path to eating for gender selection. Not only will these help you to get the gender that you want, but they will also help you in that they will give you and your baby such a health boost. All of these foods in both categories are incredibly healthy for you. However, you shouldn’t just stick to one side of the spectrum, as this is unhealthy for your body. Eat mostly alkaline foods with a few acidic and vice versa. Balance is important if you want to stay healthy.

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