Getting a Close Shave and How to Avoid Shaving Rash

If you’ve ever wanted to shave your legs or bikini area and have a rushing rash, you can appreciate the pain that you can feel. Each time I took a razor to my hair, I got these rashes and bumps. Eventually, I was fed up with this pain and wanted to do some testing and experiments to try to lower my chances of getting the rash and unpleasant bumps from growing hair.

Throughout time, I have tried many different pieces of advice and pieces of equipment, and specific methods that I felt would succeed. Some of these suggestions were brilliant and really improved, but quite often the suggestion was incorrect, the method was not effective or the equipment was just not built for what I had to do. But after a lot of research and fine-tuning of these techniques, I was able to get down a regimen that almost completely avoids the rash and bumps and I will share it with you now.

Preparation many people will just pick up the razor once they hear about shaving and start hacking off their hair. They are highly likely to get inflammation of the body, whether it’s their legs or bikini area. What many people do not realize is that the trick is to train.

You want to cut some excess hair with a pair of scissors up to 1/4 inch long before you even consider taking a razor to your leg. It ensures that your razor will not get clogged, you will be able to shave quicker, and you will that the skin hazard.

The next step in the planning is to wash and leave for a few minutes the hair and skin. If you’re in the shower or bath, this is great because it’s just going to happen automatically. Through encouraging your skin to get completely dirty, you find it smoother and simpler to shave in general.

It’s now time to exfoliate because the body has had a chance to absorb more heat. I’d recommend a body scrub exfoliation glove, but you can use anything you want. Exfoliation removes the dead skin from the surface, allowing the razor to shave more closely. It also means that when it gets close to the surface, the razor will not get clogged with dead skin cells.

It is time to shower now for the shaving itself. The first step you want to do here is to put on some heavy shaving gel / cream to help the razor slide over a smooth surface. This fits just as well if you’ve run out of shaving cream hair conditioner.

You should start shaving with a new sharp blade once you’re lathered up; if it’s rusty, then you’re going to hack the skin and it’s going to hurt. You’ll need to start at your knees and move up your leg if you do your feet. It works best for me to work in 6-inch segments but for others, a long stroke up to the thigh works best for them. You’re always going to have to deal with this for yourself. To de-clog it, try to clean the blade on a regular basis.

When you want to trim your bikini area, then make sure that you use a body trimmer with a specific trimmer setting as it helps to keep it all even. If you’re looking for a Brazilian feel or landing strip, you’re going to have to start rushing against the grain and then switch side by side. This is because the skin in the bikini area is developing in different patterns and this is the best way to get all the growth. You can continue using a mirror in hard to reach places and then you can use your hands to search for any lost hair with training and you will be able to do it fairly quickly in the near future. Also, make sure to shave regularly and use more shaving cream if appropriate.

To stop razor burns, add the baby powder directly to the area(s) you’ve just rasped. It helps to reduce pressure and maintain the natural oils of the skin protected to avoid it from drying out as much. There is no need for the baby powder to be anything special; a simple talk is going to do.

The best time to apply moisturizer is about 2 hours later. Your skin’s had time to recover from the close shave and you’re able to get some extra moisture. I noticed that if there’s a particular brand you want, then go ahead and use that one; every old moisturizer will do so. I will advise that you stay away from heavily perfumed products as this may make your skin irritable after a near rasp.

I don’t shower on a daily basis either, but that’s because my skin is fairly light and doesn’t grow fast. If your skin is thick and rough and you have to shave every day, then that’s cool, just obey these tips and you’re going to be okay. But, if you’re like me and have light slow-growing skin, you’ll keep your hair smooth and supple if you moisturize every day. By doing this, I find I only need to shave a few days a week.

Equipment you are also very important for the actual shaving equipment. When using cheap disposable razors, don’t anticipate amazing results. I found the best type of razor to use is multiple blades (three or four) on a pivotal head that can be either electrical or disposable, depending on what you’re really comfortable with. You can have greater control over the force and movement by using the multi-bladed razors on pivoting heads so, because of the 3 or 4 blades, you will only have to go over a region once or twice.

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