What Are the Mental and Physical Health Benefits ofBowling

The next time you walk into an austin bowling alley you’re probably not thinking about all the ways playing this game can improve your mental and physical health. You’re probably focused more on achieving a high score, getting bowling tips from expert players in the neighboring lane, and above all, just having a good time.

But it’s true, bowling is one of the best low-impact sports out there, providing you with plenty of exercise to keep you fit and help your mind stay sharp. You don’t need to be some kind of expert athlete in order to play. That’s one of the best things about bowling, anyone can pick up a ball and come away with a pretty good score. Sure, you need to practice and sharpen your skills to really excel at the sport, but amateurs and pros alike can have a whole lot of fun and reap the rewards for your health and wellbeing.

Calories Burned

Think about all the steps you take each and every time you step up to the line to take your turn. It may not seem like a lot but when you consider how many frames you play for a typical three game contest they can really add up. So, with all of that walking you’re doing you may not be too shocked to discover that you can end up burning up to 300 or more calories every hour. That can be very helpful when you are trying to shed some extra weight.

Improved Hand/Eye Coordination

When you roll the ball on every turn you have a specific routine that you must play out. You step up, get into your movement, and keep your eye where you want the ball to go at the opposite end of the lane. You may not always succeed on every try but the more often you do it, the better you can get as your skills improve. That hand/eye coordination is vital for ensuring your skills improve and when you are more successful at putting the ball where you want it to go, your coordination is more focused.

Pumping Iron

If you want to build muscle and work on your physique you can go the gym and lift weights or you can bowl a few games each week. The typical bowling ball has an average weight of 14 pounds. Lifting the ball can help to strengthen the muscles in your arms and chest while the motion of swinging the ball and releasing it towards the pins can do wonders for your shoulders, legs, arms, and chest.

Greater Self-Esteem

Every time you succeed at something you set out to do it makes you feel good. Playing sports is no exception and when it comes to bowling, there may be no greater feeling in the world than plowing down all of those pins at once for a resounding strike. When you see your scores improve over time you can feel a sense of accomplishment that you have reached a personal goal. Of course, beating an opponent can be just as gratifying.

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