All You Need to Know about Melissa Oil

Those who are fond of essential oils always seek what’s new in the market. They even go to lengths to get that one from a reputed source and try at least once. You can say, essential oils are a prestigious product that is valued by only those who know its worth.

Melissa is one such oil that is steam distilled from the leaves and flowers of Melissa Officinalis. Not many know about this herb but traditionally, it was referred to as Lemon Balm and sometimes, even Bee Balm.

Easy to find and grow, the leaves of lemon balm are quite aromatic, but both leaves and flowers of this herb don’t yield much essential oil. Therefore, it has to be adulterated. Also, the pure Melissa essential oil commands a very high price.

Melissa possesses a fresh, lemony, green, and a bit herbaceous character. With its delightful aroma, it soothes your mind.

The oil is composed of around 60 percent aldehydes and 10 percent monoterpenols. It gets its lemony aroma due to the presence of the key aldehyde, Citral. In addition to that, 10 percent of Citronellal also contributes to the blend. Note that not more than 0.9 percent of it should be used topically.


Melissa Essential Oil helps in reducing acne and healing oily skin. It is a much safer and affordable solution as compared to many other alternatives available in the market. It has also been praised for its emotional advantages. It also softens extreme emotions, eases resentments, relaxes the heart, and engages the soul in its own graceful rhythm. Let’s dive deeper.

1) It is a prominent immunity booster. You just have to dilute one drop of it into 4 fL. Oz. of liquid and drink to obtain its powerful bodily assistance. This oil can also be ingested by putting it into a veggie capsule like a dietary supplement. Alternatively, swallow it by placing one to two droplets under your tongue or on the roof of your mouth for reaping quick internal benefits.

2) The two main components of this essential oil, geranial, and neral contain soothing properties that are perfect for relaxation.

3) Before showing up for a nerve-wracking speech, presentation, or performance, try Melissa. Just apply one or two droplets of this essence on your palms and cup them over your nose, so you can inhale it. It will calm you down.

4) Take a spray bottle and pour this oil in it with an adequate amount of water and spritz your face. You will get a rejuvenated feeling and mind refreshment.

5) Unwind your hectic day at work with the help of a little Melissa essential oil. Rub it on your forehead, shoulders, and chest to lessen the weary feeling and promote emotional well-being.

6) Apart from dietary benefits, it also fuels your sleep pattern and gives your body the strength to work and play. To keep the environment of your room relaxing at night, diffuse this essence in your diffuser before going to bed.

Where to Buy?

Someplace reputed, we suggest. Essential oils contain many health benefits and in order to obtain them to the fullest, you need to buy their purest versions. Unfortunately, it is available in the market in abundance but the adulterated one. Turn to Young Living. It strives to provide pure grade essential oils to its customers. Each batch of its oils undergo a series of rigorous tests and is sold only when it qualifies.

In a nutshell, Melissa is good, even in its diluted form. It can boost your bodily health a number of times. No matter what, the oil will stay by your side in every kind of ailment without any complaint. So, get this one now and enjoy a breezy life.

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