Effectively protect yourself from pollutants and infectious diseases with N95 masks

Face masks, especially the respirator masks have never been seen as an essential commodity before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. Nowadays, it has become a vital part of our daily lives. N95 is the most popular mask standard that filters 300nm particle size effectively.

Invest in some comfortable protective respiratory N95 face masks to prevent yourself and others from the spread of the infectious viral disease. Masks from Custom Earth Promos are reliable and of premium quality. They are FDA approved for its filtration efficacy and have all the features like a nose clip for a good fit.

What does the mask number signify?

NIOSH has approved a total of 9 categories of masks after they have passed a minimum standard for efficacy in their particle filtration size and rate. Depending on the ability of a mask to filter out oil-based aerosols; these masks are categorized and numbered as:

  1. N category (N95, 99, 100): These are reusable masks for respiratory pollution and not appropriate to filter out oil-based aerosols.
  2. R category (R95, 99, 100): These are oil-resistant respirators and can get used in liquid hazardous environments, but these masks cannot get reused.
  3. P category (P95, 99, 100): These are oil proof for use in all types of hazardous environments.

The numbers 95, 99, and 100 specifies the filtration capacity of a mask. 95 being able to prevent 95% of particles it comes in contact, 100 being able to filter out 100% of particles it comes in contact with.

The number 3M represents the minimum particle size that a mask can filter out, which is 300 nm or 0.3 microns in this case.

Ways to ensure that your mask provides an effective protection

It is not just the quality of it that matters but also how well it fits your face is important when it comes to preventing the spread of a deadly infectious disease. Any gaps along the edges will fail the intended use of the mask.

Follow these steps to test if a mask is of correct fitness for your face:

  • Place the nose piece of the mask on the nose bridge and then firmly press the rest of the cover against your face.
  • Stretch the headbands to place it over the ear loop.
  • Lastly, mold the metallic nose piece to follow the nose contour.
  • After you have placed the mask effectively, you need to check the fit by vigorously exhaling as your cup holds the mask with your hands.
  • There should be no leakage of air around the nose piece, or the edges of the masks fit snuggly for effective usage.

Do not wear any piece of jewelry that could obstruct the effectiveness of the mask. Use latex-free N95 masks, if you are allergic to latex. You can buy a mask with a valve for effective breathing if you are not working in high-risk zones.

Follow all the safety guidelines if you are traveling to high-risk places. Wear your mask properly in a crowded place. Correct disposal of the mask is also important as it can be hazardous to health. The mask you purchase should be able to fit snugly and provide the intended protection level.


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