What Is Cannabis Ruderalis: Everything You Need To Know

It’s likely that you’ve heard of some of the main strain types of cannabis including those that fall into cannabis Indica and cannabis Sativa strains. What are the most valued members of the marijuana family is Cannabis ruderalis however?

Cannabis Ruderalis is a feral style of plant that grows in Extreme environments. It often grows in areas where it is away from cultivated plants and faces very little competition. You can find this type of marijuana commonly growing in agricultural land, near roadsides, and more.

It originated in areas like Russia and it spread into Eastern Europe and Asia. It’s closely related to Sativa and Indica but it’s a third type of marijuana that sits as more of a sibling to these other varieties. It falls in the middle of these two strains and it grows the smallest that of any other cannabis strain. Most of these plants only stand one to 2 feet tall but they can thrive in some of the most desolate conditions on earth. It grows extremely fast and can be harvested traditionally faster than other strains of marijuana.

Unfortunately, this type of cannabis contains very little THC. It’s usually qualified as a hemp product with less than .3% THC. With the CBD that it produces, however, it is an excellent strain to cultivate for producing CBD products and for taking to slow bacterial growth, reduce arterial blockage, promote bone growth, and a variety of other health effects.

While Cannabis Ruderalis is not the powerhouse strain that we would seek at a dispensary, it does offer a great solution in the future of cannabis cultivation and accessing benefits from a CBD heavy strain that can grow quickly and almost anywhere.

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