How To Be A Fashion Boss In Office?

Though we all are heavily affected by the weekday blues, as is every person affected at some point in their lives, but I can’t stand to fathom the point why we get up hours early, pull our hairs out staring at our wardrobe thinking what to don every morning to office. With Sunday closing, many starts dreading the workload that is waiting for them and some start laying out blueprints for their ensembles to office throughout the week on their heads to stay ahead of time but little do they know that their minds are gonna play tricks on them and leave them hanging at the end moment with the existential dilemma every girl faces when they open their wardrobe- ‘ I don’t have anything to wear’! Or most of them turn out to be NSFW. Looking beyond these hurdles, in recent times the concept of workwear has been redefined in the most exceptional manner by Indian Fashion Designers. The element of easy chic has made a deep impact on how workwears are being imagined these days. Ditch those jeans and shirts and those formal dresses and same old pantsuits that have been worn to death, really! Welcome the new wave of clothing to your workwear routine, a mesh of formals, casuals, a bit of this, a bit of that and overcome closet blues like never before. So take it easy, throw in a pair of culottes with a bold belted blazer, hell throw in anything and anything from this collection magnifique and send out a message to others saying the fashion boss is here. Here’s a roundup of some ground-breaking workwear trends which top fashion designers have ushered in-

Shirts Going by seasonal trends, it’s all about shirts. Long shirts, shirt kurtas, shirt dresses and what not. Its element of comfort put together with its paradigm shifting silhouettes and variety of fabrics makes it the go-to workwear for summers. From boxy shirts to trench shirts, from handi-worked masterpieces to never before used fabrics, shirts are all about the “NOW” of workwear trends. Special Mentions Long trench shirt by Chola, Graffiti embroidered top from Umbar by Indian fashion designer Payal Pratap, White moon shirt by Aiman. Pair these up with culottes, wide legged trousers and there’s scope for even throwing a skirt in. Make up a new outfit everyday with what you have and given these shirt’s distinctive properties, I bet you no one would even notice. Pants This particular category holds very dear for me for I am forever and eternally a pants girls. Whatever trends have come and gone in this fated bottomwear section, my wardrobe have witnessed them in all of their glory. Looking at the latest trends in women’s fashion clothing, especially in the pants category, it is heavily inspired by the bygone era and it constitutes wholesome dosage of sensational and bold silhouettes, play on textures which has not only given a new meaning to casual wear but has redefined how Indian women think office fashion as well. Special Mentions Modern workwear Pant collection by Anomaly, White Tyra Trouser from EKA, Grey striped palazzos by Urvashi Kaur, Checked pleated trousers by Chola, Flared single pleat pant by anomaly and Ox blood stripe tree pleat pants from IKAI by Ragini Ahuja. These whirlwind of pants collection are all the rage these days and though not traditionally looked at as formal wear, I think can give the traditional work wears a good run for their money, if you know what I mean! The pleated jumpsuit by Lovebirds and the Twill detail jumpsuit by Bodice deserves a special mention as well when it comes to chic contemporary office wear for women. Dresses No, I am not gonna talk about those body hugging pleated dressed that you women donning to office by the herd. Designer clothing for women has come a long way learning and preaching that clothing is and should be all about comfort and these dresses that I am going to list down are not just epitome of relaxed clothing but are masterpieces right out of some of greatest ateliers of our country. Dresses now are not just about how below or above the knee it is, it is about not conforming to conventional elements of women’s clothing, it all about progressive fashion, it is now about audacious merging of Indo-western, about relaxed silhouettes, about subtle yet bold designs, of stripes and prints. Special Mentions Overlap V-Neck dress with binding from Bodice, Pleated Angrakha dress by Urvashi Kaur, Knot back saree dress by Rashmi Varma, Brick print house applique tunic by Debyani, Blue Dolman Dress from Anomaly and Navy pleated wrap by Kiran Uttam Ghosh. Dresses are a staple in every girls’ wardrobe and what would be better than having distinctive dresses designated for different work modes, like those of ethnic days, office parties, the laidback Fridays, there’s one for everyday. Skirts Ever since I have known about formal skirts, I have known them resonating with body-hugging fits, nude or extreme dark colors. Though there were respite of stripes and all, but it left too little room for reform. Down the road, and after some due fashion reformations, Thanks to women’s fashion designer in India, skirts now in a workwear closet are what embodies flush of colors, easy fabrics galore, inspired designs and lest we forget, Comfort! Prance about like your true speedy self at your workplace. Ditch those same old formal skirts and embrace their new and improved versions. Special Mentions Black and white binding skirt by Bodice, Black stripe Pleated skirt from IKAI by Ragini Ahuja, Wool Trumpet Midi skirt by Rahul Mishra and Embroidered pencil skirt by Aiman. If fashion speaks to you and if you speak back to it, then these trends will surely catch your fancy. Outerwear Though the trend of outerwear is not much prevalent in our country except during winters maybe, but know this, a gem of an outerwear can even make you look dashing in your pyajamas. True! Ladies are even pairing up jacket with Sarees you know. Jackets aren’t anymore and never have been just means of shielding yourself from extreme weather conditions, but confession, this point is amiss amongst Indians given the lack of pleasant summers, but when it’s airy fabrics, relaxed fits, and uber chic designs, then hell yeah, we’ll beat summer in them, in vogue! Special Mentions Side Panel Jacket from Bodice, Dori Grid Applique jacket from IKAI by Ragini Ahuja, Belted wrap blazer by Anomaly, Pictor Constellation jacket top- Rahul Mishra, Printed Grey Jacket by Eka. Another special shout-out to the Red Currant overdress by Eka which is a perfect cross between a long outerwear and a jacket and can be worn in numerous ways possible. Accessories Good accessories sits at the heart of any good ensemble and binds it together, such is the power of a good piece of jewellery, it can add spark to even the dullest of things. Similarly carefully curated pieces of bling blings can add that extra something to your office look.

Special Mentions The Line’s Necklace and earring Range scores great points for being subtly chic and thus Safe for work. Others in this honor list are the Empress White Mother of Pearls Gold Plated Drop by Varnika Arora, Monochrome abstract earring by Shivan and Naresh, Trillion Hoop by Eesha Zaveri, Persian Black jaal pendant by Eina Ahluwalia and Nirvana gold drop earrings by Atelier Mon. Take a quick run through this curation on Ogaan and pick your favorites for they are to be with you and in your wardrobe for a lonnnnggg timeeeee…..

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